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Smartphone Videography

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You do not need a computer or advanced software for the Mobile Videography Course. All you need is your mobile phone and the free apps I’ll share with you in the course.
What you will learn:
🔸Basics of smartphone video creation (shooting gears, shooting angles and formats, video settings, etc.)
🔸FREE Apps and tools to create and edit your visual content (compatible with Android and IOS)
🔸How to color correct your videos (custom filter)
🔸How to add background music/sound and voice over to your video
🔸How to merge different video clips, trim, split your video clips
🔸How to add and animate text and name tags
🔸How to generate automatic subtitles captions
🔸How to add and animate PIP
🔸How to enhance the volume of your video
🔸How to add smooth transition in your videos
🔸How to add progress bar
🔸How to create slow and fast motion
🔸How to freeze and reverse video clips
🔸How to add special effects to your video
🔸How to remove background from your video
🔸How to clone yourself in your video
🔸How to create meme content to reach your target audience
🔸How to create GIF content
🔸+ More.
🔸 How to add special effects to your video
🔸How to watermark your videos
🔸 How to compress your video size without losing its quality
🔸 How to add overlays and eye-catching effects on your videos
🔸FREE background sounds, stock images and videos resources
The lessons are simplified even if you’re a beginner, or you have some prior knowledge you can take this course to up-skill.
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