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“Selling is everything. Selling is the prerequisite to success”…. that’s what the founder of modern-day selling, Zig Ziglar, and countless other successful people have believed.
“Selling is what makes the world work and drives the economy”.. – Zig Ziglar.
As we all would know, most people on the Forbes billionaires list started only as salespeople. The number of today’s leaders who’ve succeeded by selling include: Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Bethany Frankle, Sarah Blakely, Jeff Bezos — the list goes on.
“Whatever you ate for breakfast started the journey to your table when someone sold something. You probably won’t make any money this week unless someone sells something and makes money”.
Selling is what makes the world work, and it’s what drives the economy. You may have a great idea, product, or service, but until it gets sold, nothing happens. Selling is the prerequisite to success.
Unfortunately, there’s this imagery in certain sections of society that sales and selling requires manipulative and pressuring behavior with aggressive presentation skills besides a lot of hard work, and so on.
During our next Tech-Up Girls Bootcamp coaching call, we aim to help dissipate non-supportive beliefs and unreasonable notions about this essential life skill and show you how to.
And we’d have a coach who has walked the walk and is willing and ready to share her experience and show you the way through it.
Crystal is a sales enthusiast with 6years of sales experience. She currently works for PZ Cussons as a Sales manager. While in this position, she managed a business worth 300,000 dollars and successfully grew its revenue to 4.6 million dollars over three years by motivating and mentoring high performing sales team, developing sales strategy based on research of consumer buying trends and market conditions and market expansion.

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