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In the program you are about to embark on, the following program should be learnt one after the other. i.e first is Microsoft Excel, second is SQL, third is PowerBI and Last is the Python programming.

For the Microsoft Excel you should be able to learn how to deals with basic statistical functions i.e count and intermediate and advance statistical functions by installing the data analysis toolkit.

For the SQL (Structured Query Language) you should be able to learn how to manage relational databases and perform various operations such as aggregation, unions, joins, sorting and grouping) on the dataset. At the end of this course You should be able to generate reports from a dataset using the essential knowledge of querying database You have gotten.

For the Power BI (Business intelligent) you should be able to learn the necessary essentials of creating visualizations (when and how to use a visualization), you would also learn how import data from different sources as well as carry out basic data transformation.
In summary you would be able to build reports and publish a dashboard in Power Bi.

For the Python programming , you should be able to learn the basic syntax of python , from data structure , assignment of variables and the conditionals up to the point of importing the Pandas and Numpy libraries and lastly doing Visualization using the library.