Course Category: Bundled Courses

These lessons in this course are bundled lessons set in an aligned manner to make you proficient in the subject matter.

Career Readiness

Digital Career Readiness Complete Course

Many young professionals prepare to enter the digital workforce as high school or university students. Digital career readiness is a practical way of learning skills that are necessary for a successful transition from student to an employee or building you own agency in the digital space.

Virtual Assistant Course

The Complete Virtual Assistant Course

Maybe you want to work from the comfort of your couch. Or maybe you want a job that allows you to travel the world; either way, a virtual assistant gig may be right career for you. This course will give you everything you need to get started, grow and thrive.

Social Media for Entrepreneur (Self-Paced)

If you are hungry about getting results in your business this year and you’re tired of little or no sales, join our result-proven social media management course/boot camp that has helped over 1000+ entrepreneurs just like you move from struggling to winning online!

Data Analytics

In the program you are about to embark on, the following program should be learnt one after the other. i.e first is Microsoft Excel, second is SQL, third is PowerBI and Last is the Python programming. For the Microsoft Excel you should be able to learn how to deals with basic statistical functions i.e count …

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